Old char looking to get back to EVE

Looking to get back in to the game again.
Been around alot and done most of what you can do in EVE except Pirating.
Not looking to be a pirate.
Looking for a group of ppl who play EUTZ and hava fun.
I´m not a solo player, more lika a folower.
Wnt to live in Null.
Can fly most ships in EVE.
I´m a two char player, both chars since the begining.

Hello there Edith and welcome back to New Eden! Any interest in seeing how the finale to the TRIGLAVIAN INVASION plays out? If a mix of small gang PvP with some lucrative PvE sounds interesting, I’ve got a great opportunity for you.

Join the Stribog Kybernaut Subclade
ム Fight for the Triglavian Collective
ム Fly with experienced FCs
ム Destroy your foes in epic fleet combat
ム Join daily PvE and PvP fleets
ム NewBro Training for PvE and PvP

The Stribog Kybernaut Subclade is recruiting members of all skill levels and vocations, in all three time zones. We provide training and opportunity for both PvP and PvE content, easy ISK making opportunities in systems controlled by the Triglavian Collective, and run active mining and site running fleets. It’s a great community with a large number of experienced FCs and dedicated players.

If you are interested in joining, apply in-game and join the Discord: https://discord.gg/3Dzce4y

If you aren’t looking to join a corporation at this time, you can always join the in-game channel “The Triglavian Community”. We run daily public fleets in the invasion systems and have a very large and active public discord.

Hope to fly with you in The Domain of Bujan

Hey @Edith_Piaff

If you’re active in the EU and/or US TZs you should definitely check out our corp Embark. We’re a pvp corp in the alliance Triumvirate which is both EU/US TZ. While our primary goal is to get good fights we also have plenty of PvE opportunities such as sov space and all the industry that comes along with it.

Check out our forum post below and if you’re interested join our chat channel in game.

Yo m8, EUs here, consider the police force :sunglasses:

hey welcome back
please check this out Pvp corp Eclipse Pulsar is seeking veteran pvp pilots

Hey man, welcome back.

Got a EUTZ Corp for you - Hop in this Discord to chat and see if it’s a good fit.

https://discord.gg/8zHvZZx - Associated with SEDIT with an active EU TZ.

Heya my dude or dudette im a vet player active pvper, twitch streamer, experienced FC and im back to the game recently and building up a corp of lay around do as you please players that want to enjoy the game in the spair time they have to play.

Welcome back to the game btw

We have active pvp fleets taking place on a daily basis, we run an NPSI community and have our own NPSI alliance that we are building up agian, im a Bombers Bar FC and we are tied in with most of the NPSI communities offering huge variety in fleet doctrines and fleet types.

If you are interested to have a chat drop me a message no API required, we have discord for corp comms, mumble and teamspeak for fleets.

What ever you decide to do have fun :smile:

IGC: Filament_Squad for direct pvp or for corp recruitment join “A Chance To Pew”

We base out of highsec giving max access to content across the various communities we work with and actively run fleets daily too.

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