Old Pilot, looking for a good corp

Hello all, I am a returning veteran and was hoping to find a good corp to call home.

I’m mainly looking for small gang pvp and something on the side to keep me busy in between fleets.

I would love to end up in a smallish pvp worm hole Corp.

I’ve done pretty much everything in this game from fleeting supers to going for a spin in interceptors, so I’m not expecting any surprises. I have 4 accounts, I’m not expecting to turn them all “Omega” but I should have the skill sets needed to fit into any situation. I CAN do industry, and have a character that can fly a rorq and a jump freighter, but I must stress that I’m only interested in doing that on the side. I want explosions, preferably belong to other peoples ships but hey, stuff happens.

Send me a PM if you find my credentials interesting, and I will get back to you if your corp sounds like it will fit my needs.



Not sure if you are into npc space tho, but if so here we are:


Hey, I think you would be interested in our corp.

Here’s our discord if you want to come talk to us: Discord

Hey there

If you’re looking for small gang pvp with some chill people, check out Total Mayhem. Nice mix of newer players wanting to get the hang of pvp and older vets looking for something fresh.

Shoot me a message and let’s chat :slight_smile:

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