Old Pirate / Miner - Out of Retirement

Started in 2003, played for several years and then signed out. Have been back a few times since, but the last time was a few years ago.

Most skills on primary are around gunnery \ combat. Alt is more industry \ manufacturing. Back in the day Eve became a second job; required events, etc. Not looking to get into that again. Definitely a team player, but looking to do mainly mining in nullsec; I have no problems defending myself from rats.

Open to the occasional PVP activities, but mainly just looking for a good group of people to hang with when I’m logged in. A decent spot in nullsec with low drama, and wanting to see what Eve has to offer in 2020.

Primary - ~54k SP
Secondary - ~46k SP

If you’re willing to take in an old dog capable of learning new tricks, and maybe teach some of his own, let me know.

Thanks all, fly safe.

Quick question, do you mean 54m and 46m sp or am I reading that right as 54,000 and 46,000 sp?

LOL. Yes, sorry 54 million and 46 million. Sorry about that.

Hey there! My in-game name is Bowboy686 Renalard, and I’m the CEO of Bandit Baking Club. If you want to know more about us from our post, you can find it here… https://www.reddit.com/r/evejobs/comments/fn2aj5/bandit_baking_club_freight_train_diplomacy_sov_ns/

We’re a social corp first and foremost, and if it’s your thing we play a ton of other games together in addition to Eve. Stuff like Minecraft, multiple MMOs, super active Discord, the works… If you’re looking to have a good social experience I can promise there’s no other corp that will do it as well as we do.

When it comes to in-game content, we’re a founding member of a brand new alliance, Freight Train Diplomacy, and we just took about 6 systems up in Vale of the Silent. It’s prime space for ratting, pvp, and 1j Jita in a JF. Paradise in null tbh. No mandated ops, though encouraged to participate as much as possible. We have content that ranges from gate camps and small gang, to sov warfare and super/titan drops. You can do it all with us, and we encourage it.

Our directors are made of people who are experienced from all aspects of the game. Personally, i have been playing since 2010 and have dabbled with every aspect (Short of supers). We can get you back up to speed in no time!

Hit me up if you have any questions.

Fly dangerously, bow

Discord: Bowboy686#7035

I was going to say lol, well if you fancy getting in touch here is some info :slight_smile:

Hey there,

WASME - Likely Suspects is a 0.0 Corporation, we are looking to build up our EU/USTZ. There are daily alliance ops and there is never any shortage of things to shoot.


We have always been a PvP Corp, we have recently come back from a break from pvp after the Co2/Moa issues. We are for the fun fights, not the killboard padding. We are happily situated in RAZOR Alliance

We can offer:
Fun Fights
Nullsec Space
Capital Fleets
Friendly Atmosphere.

Feel free to get in touch with myself or drop into our recruitment channel: ‘Likely Public’.

Or join our Discord for a chat:

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