Old Player coming back

Thanks @Donavon_Irish, but I think you tagged the wrong character. I am here to give @gillopi an opportunity to work with us, but taking a look at your board, I’d like to extend the invitation to you as well.

By joining the Voidstalker Heresy, you would be joining a group of experienced pilots who understand that real life comes first and that eve is a game, so we keep it fun, but we also have plenty of opportunities for more serious players to get all that they want out of EVE.

We have an advanced discord bot to assist with recruitment and automate notifications and is fully integrated with zkillboard.com and fleet-up.com.

By the look of your board, we operate close to each other, so it’s only a matter of time until we run into each other. No matter what you choose, content is good and it’s all a game. Feel free to join our discord to chat more. Fly safe.

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