Old player Just returning LF corp

So last time i played was around 2016 i think. Just now getting back into the game My corp history is a total mess. Have 106M Sp Can fly quite a few ships. But i don’t really know how things work now. Buddy of mine in another game started playing eve and i decided to get back in.

My play time is sporadic at best But generally in the evenings and weekends.

If your willing to deal with the total mess that i currently am Hit me up.

Check us out. We are a low-sec PVP corporation that pews around your time zone. Most of us are working professionals and have families. We play casually but focus on pewing when we can.

Swing by and have a chat with us mate :slight_smile:

Welcome back Aldor,

Hit us up at Into the Ether. We may be the corp you are looking for.

You can also hit me up on Discord.
Justin Starr STARR#8251

Hello !

I am currently in a corporation called : Holy Hunters who lives in C5-C5 which gives great Small gang PvP and good Solo ISK making. That said, we’re a PVP focused corporation which we use most of our time scanning or rolling for content.
We’re all US time zone, looking to grow up that time zone. We love to take fights, even if we are being outnumbered. We are a social group of people who play other games as well.
Our corp’s goal is to grow large enough to take all fights and defend smaller WH corporation from evictions. If that sounds interesting, here is a discord link :


Hey dude didnt really explain whar area of ur interested in but from what i gathered looks like u need small refresher. I can help you out with that. You dont eve have to join my corp if you need help I can answer any questions you have brother. If you want to check out the corp down below feel free to. If not like i said willing to answer any questions.

Thank you all for the interest. I have currently Found a home to pvp with. See you in space !

Best of luck my guy! Stay safe!

Aldor Kavell Welcome back, in game mail sent, both you and your buddy welcome to join us.

Hey there! We are a very vet corp with a ton of opportunities to play the game in basically any way you want! Id recommend giving us a look friend and welcome back <3

Hi. You should check out Noir, we see a lot of people coming back from a break and looking for something different then the thing that burned them out originally. We’re a merc alliance that lives in Thera, but we take contracts all over the game, doing everything from NS constellation harassments to WH structure saves to making timers in an area to see who sides with who. We’ve been around quite a while, long enough to have our own module and we even have the undisputed longest running EVE podcast.

Our players are fairly evenly split between EU and US TZ so you will have people to fly with. If objective oriented PvP sounds interesting to you, come chat with us on our Discord.

If you are looking for something not so mandatory, let us know.

Hey Aldor

No.Mercy corporation leads Triumvirate. [TRI] alliance and is actively recruiting aggressive combat pilots who enjoy challenging PVP and living an independent, minimal blues life style and holding sov on our own terms.

For over the past ten years, our corporation and experienced FCs have led at the forefront of major wars that reshaped EVE’s nullsec political landscape. Now is your chance to join and make your own mark with us!

As an end-game PVP organization our focus remains on creating strategic campaign content that challenges our members and pushes us to excel. In between objective based fights, our members enjoy flying together for small gang roaming, black ops, and camping.

Our members are active in both EU and US time zones, consisting of experienced players from all over the world with veteran corp leadership active in EVE since 2009 who understand that real life comes first. We treat our corporation as a family and don’t permit childish drama or toxicity.

Please join the “No.Mercy Pub” channel in game and speak to our recruiters today!


  • Aggressive nullsec and lowsec PVP content creation
  • A reason to log in: we set goals for ourselves and pursue them ruthlessly
  • Refine your combat and FC skills as you take on new roles and learn from each other
  • Numerous R64s to mine for income and a region of nullsec space to exploit
  • Community Teamspeak 3, Discord, and custom Web services
  • Jump Freighter service and logistical support


  • Active players committed to helping the corp and alliance succeed
  • Experienced pilots with an established PVP record on zkillboard
  • 2 or more PVP focused accounts, with capital capable alts preferred
  • English is our official language and you must own a working microphone

Chat with us in our public channel in game: No.Mercy Pub

Recruiters: Garst Tyrell, Lutar Torax , LTD Spacepig

Hi there m8,

You are a perfect hit for us. We are in the same boat :slight_smile:

We are an independent pvp group that just focus in having fun out of Pochven and Venal.

As part of The morgue. alliance you will not have to deal with all the blue doughnut gamestyle and all their time consuming activies such as ctas, structure bashing, politics and more.

with us you will have a very simple game style focus in having fun and keep thins as simple as possible.

If you want to hear us out i please join our discord below and talk to us

Take care and welcome back :slight_smile:


Aldor Kavell, Welcome back, sent you an in game mail with our details, look forward to hearing from you!

We are a small corp out in scalding pass under the Valkyrie alliance. We mainly do industry with pvp on the side. Being in the alliance gives us access to moon mining/ratting space/industry structures. Fleets can range from massive all hands on deck to chill small gang roams. We tend to do some small gang roams ourselves on weekends or when we get bored.You are very much “free” to do your own thing out here. Only requirement is to assist with CTA pings if you are able. Real life comes first always so no one will yell at you for missing one.come join our discord to chat and see if we are fit for you REPZ

Give FREGE a try. FREGE is now recruiting 17yr EVE community Opens Recruitment. Be a part of EVE history. FREGE was featured in EON Magazine 1st edition - #3 by bodycollecter


Hey bro sent you a in gane mail. Sound like you fit in well with our group. Look foward to hear from you and talk over details.

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