Old Player Returning, Feelers out for new home. 51m SP

Hi @Leeroy_Baker,

While you are considering your options, I’d like to invite you to take a look at us and join our discord for a chat to see how well you might fit in with our group. Some of us have been playing for 10 years or more and still enjoy teaching NewBros how to play and reintegrating OldBros that feel the call again.

I personally tend to play in the 0100+ time slot during the week, but we have a fairly distributed team with representation around the clock and we keep a 24/7 fleet going with our alliance and blues, and weekend activity makes us forget that time zones exist at all.

We have a strong PvP core but also have all of the ISK-making activities that support our explosive habits. We run team abyssal sites, invasions, DEDs, and of course have all of the science and industry facilities required to generate passive income.

I hope you find a moment to take a look and come hang out in Discord.

Fly safe,


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