Old Player Returning, have a question or two

  1. Can a player still be contacted via Evemail through the website and not just in game?

  2. What in the name of the gods happened to the forums? I am having a much harder time navigating and it just feels so much less user friendly than it once was. Am I alone in feeling that?

You are most assuredly not alone.

The forum changes a few months ago were for legimate reasons: when the game crashed, the forums would crash too, lot of problems behind the scenes with regards to code and databases.

However the new forums are just… needlessly different.

To answer your first question, not anymore! Blame for forum changes for that.

I like the new forums. A lot less… 2004 :slight_smile:

I don’t think that was related. They just recently announced they’d take that system down, because of problems within that system, long after the forum change.

I minced my words there a bit, apologies.

I believe it was retired for largely the same reasons as the forums were changed. The new forums take a while getting used to, but they do work. I’d definitely recommend turning on the wide-theme in your settings. That makes it much nicer to view.

So are there any other ways to maintain contact without actually being logged in to the game? I used to use it when I did character bazaar business, it was very useful.

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