Old player thinking of coming back


Thinking about coming back to the game after a few years off, I have two main accounts one with 66m Sap and another with 36m

Last alliance I was a part of was Morsus Mihi back when they were in tribute ( yeah that long )

I would be interested in coming back if I could find a group that could help me get used to the game again

Hello @Alesa_Gillespie, I’d like to invite you to consider checking us out. We’re open to all players and have quite a few others who have recently come back to the game. We’re open and supportive and very laid back.

Hi mate :wave:t3:
Check that out :point_down:t3: Who knows :thinking::question: You might like it :interrobang:

Hey man first of all welcome back to the game. You didnt mention anything about wormhole space but if we peak you intrest come chat with us.

Hello there,

Before we offer to have a chat and such can I ask what timezone you are please, thank you and good luck.


Maybe we could be a good option for you?

We are based in Pochven (easily accessible from null, low , high sec and wormhole space)

If you want to get an better idea of who we are please feel free to have a look at our latest vid below

The Morgue. alliance recruitment

You can of course always join our public fleets and pew pew with us if you dont have anything better to do


Join the The morgue. :skull: Discord Server!

Check out the The morgue. :skull: community on Discord - hang out with 340 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

have a nice day!


US time zone eastern time

Hey boss. Welcome back to eve. I won’t bore you with the typical spam. We are a USTZ corp that is VERY tight group of guys. Most of us are vets like yourself that have came and gone and came back. We have flown in BOB, Tribal band, squee, Black legion 1 and 2. Come relearn the game(or talk about how cool we were in 2003 rushing Best Buy for a separate copy to make your alt).

Hit us up Phocas Legacy

Best of luck in your search

Hey, Glad to see you’re looking to get back into EVE. Come check us out :slight_smile:

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