Old Sch00l recruiting PvP players / corp-s


need moar

neutral entity

pvp with all

respect all

no scams allowed

no tidi

no dramas

much kills/loses

much space to make isk

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fly Robin fly up up to the sky


tip: Dont fly in Abys if you have poor internet connection

i have good internet connection didn’t help :slight_smile:

still open

fly Robin fly

to the top

People sould check out these guys.
Any corp that has LeeChanka is bound to be awesome.

Long time no see (Havent seen you since the tribute days i think :smiley: )

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Long time :slight_smile: take care thanks on kind words :slight_smile:

Need 2 more good corp and im closing it :slight_smile:

open :slight_smile:

You forgot to bump your post Lee…. You are welcome!


bump it!

gimmie a shout in game

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