Older Corp looking for Allaince

Older Corp looking for a Active Alliance

This corp has been around a long time. Through many good and bad decisions we have kept it alive one way or another. Wanting content and a relaxed atmosphere. Were mainly on a cockroach time zone US/Euro so late night play is where we flourish. What we seek is a Alliance that’s a hybrid of High and Null sec. Many of the members that I have recruited are both and I dont want to just have a one way or the highway gaming experience. which is why we left our last Alliance. I am looking for Both null and Highsec options.

Corp growth is key and I would like to provide a little bit of everything if I can. We are not a huge corp and we have some growing to do, which will be no problem being in the right situation.

Thank you for your consideration
please contact nmemonic demonic in game

Hey there, I run an alliance that bring corps together from all aspects of eve to provide access to everything. We currently have high sec, low sec and wormhole operations running everyday with null sec being our next addition.

If your interested here is my post, hit me up!!

In what region this alliance do operate?

Khanid and wh space

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