🐺 Stay Feral - An alliance creating opportunity for smaller Corps

Welcome to “Stay Feral”

We are creating a community where good people can come play Eve together in a mature atmosphere. We do not believe in mandatory ops or dictating how you enjoy the game. Real life comes first…

Smaller Corporations in EVE online typically struggle due to low player base. In Stay Feral, our mission is to unite smaller corporations into a bigger body, allowing our members access to more friends, opening opportunities for content. The goal is expanding opportunities not restricting gameplay.

What we Do:

  • High/Low Sec Missions
  • Small Gang Null/Low sec PVP
  • Filament Fleets
  • Exploration
  • WH shenanigans
  • Indy/mining
  • Pretty much anything we can do together.

Public Info Channel: Stay Feral

Join our discord: Stay Feral

Contact Doughboy61 for alliance recruitment questions.

“Everyone wants to eat, but few will hunt.”

Got a new Corp today!!!

We are up to 5 corps and growing fast!!! Come join the community

More corps and pilots joining everyday!!

Alliance is growing, get in here

Growing great!!!

we had another corp join yesterday, be a part of the community.

another 2 corps joined, lets keep building the community.

Flirting with double digit corps!!

Received another Corp application this morning!!!

Another Corp joined today!! Welcome silent few.

We are up to 10 corps and growing, activity climbing!!

Still accepting Corp applications.

growing nicely, low sec logistics set up.

Corps joining everyday, room for more friends

We are up to 10 corps and growing. Join now!

Accepting corps and individual pilots

Up to 11 now!! Welcome Shadow Merc Group

Super fun groups of people!

Another Corp joined, making progress