The Pack. Worldwide - Looking to Build a Community

The Pack, Worldwide - Chill, Play, Socialize

Corp Overview: The Pack was created with one Goal in mind: To form a community of people where everyone knows one another and play this massive game either as a lone wolf are as a pack with the rest of us, from anywhere in the world. However you want to play, weather you are a new player, a vet, or a returning player, you are welcome to join and play with others or just talk and hang out.

0% Tax included, your money is your money. Play the way you want to play.

The overall goal of this Corp is to build a network of people/friends to play and socialize with while playing any aspect of EVE.

Currently we like to stick near Jita to aid new players so they can buy anything they want and play however they want.

If you want to join the Pack, everyone is Always Welcome

Hey Leo, in reading your Corp description , you sound like your looking to build a community, which is exactly what my alliance, Stay Feral. I’d like to talk with you about flying with us if your interested.

The Pack is still hunting for new Wolves.

Daily Bump - Still Hunting

Not so Daily Bump

Thx for the offer but ima stay without an Allance for the time being (sorry for the super delayed response, turns out moving takes a lot of your time away haha.)

Try for a Weekly Bump

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