[OMGGF] Almost Dangerous WH corp, Recruiting

  • Almost Dangerous are recruiting.

  • Almost Dangerous are a medium sized corp. with a close knit group off players, and were growing in size, we currently live in a C4 WH with plans building on moving into a C5.

  • We are focused on PVP and are looking for pilots that have an honourable mentality, enjoy the social aspect of shooting all the things and dont mind dying gloriously.

  • We are looking to recruit into all timezones and particularly keep to hear for US guys :slight_smile:

  • !!What we can do for you!!

  • An active corp.

  • An excellent PVP environment.

  • A good player base.

  • Decent ISK opportunities.

  • Out off game group chat.

  • Team Speck 3.

  • Active corps management.

  • Selective SRP and blue loot buy back.

  • !! What we need from you!!

  • Full A.P.I

  • Desire to learn PVP

  • Be willing too fly doctrine fits.

  • Or at least show a skill plan to do so.

  • A short chat on TS.

    Please check our promo video’s

  • If your interested in kicking things off join our in-game pub channel Almost Dangerous and say hello.

  • Or alternatively send a mail too one off the following players.

  • Stevo patriot EU

  • Rivyn Fire EU

  • Bignutta EU

  • Lee Blackwood US

  • Dr Vitael US

Bump… come check our killboard https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98422578/


Great WH Corp. Wanna learn and kill join pub chat

Time for a bump? Jump in PUB chat. “Almost Dangerous”

Players joining daily. come have a chat “Almost Dangerous” pub chat.

Big OP tonight with fellow Corp. Join almost dangerous

Great weekend with fellow WH Corp. Here check our KB https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98422578/
Join pub chat “almost dangerous”

join our pub chat. “almost dangerous”
WH life is a great life

Bump this post. Jump on show us what you can do.

Check our KB https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98422578/

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le bump~

pumpy bumpy

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