One hour orca pilot

API key
Verification Code: SWTEGQVGP24gO1nnBIQ8wF6WRF0aurdG141kq9DAPZzPBbyGdQyfPnCL1cm2WryS

No kill right
Location Jita
Positive wallet
Jump clones : no
0 Sec Status
All CCP’s rules apply etc
he is one hour away for being an orca pilot
10 hours form the barges
1.4M skill points

0.150 b

you got to pay for at least the transfer

Seller pays for transfer.

1.4m SP is less then 30 days of training. Transfer is 60 days worth of sub.

I’m telling you its not worth selling.

yeah I am going to pay for it but it has to be equivalent value or I could just pay the 20dollors and get more plex (that is one months of skills)

You WILL NOT sell this character for more than the price of a plex, this character is not worth it.

0.5 bilion

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