One man band looking to join alliance

Hi all,

I am running a very heavily industry-oriented set of characters, all omega, and I am looking to join an alliance – I am in the process of recruiting more players in my corp, and would like to have a home area in null/wh to develop.

What I bring:
-6 miners, with 1 orca pilot about 60 days to good boosts (at -32% mining cycle right now).
-1 industrial/trade character with most of in production skills other than reactions
-3 characters focused on blueprint (1 copier, 2 researchers)
-3 PI characters
-1 general “enforcer” focused character, fairly new.

What I am looking for:
-Space to use and build citadels for next step in upping industrial game such as moon mining with mutual defense on attacks
-Team up with others on large industrial projects
-the occasional pvp fleet experience as well as profitable pve stuff.



—Come and have a chat with us on discord mate , we might be able to offer you a home—

Never mind I read your post wrong my bad :slight_smile:
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Hi there. We are a small wormhole corp in US Tz. Hop in chat if you have a second to talk.


Tried to join the dscord but the invite expired… :slight_smile:


Kyrie theWanderer, Welcome back, in game mail sent.

If u still looking forcorp we can talk)
We’re small wh corp living in 4-3-5 and mainly we’rerussian speaking collective but we’re developing our english speaking part of corporation. We have good citadels for industry and no KTA fleets) Also we’re developing our industry. So if u want we can speak in our discord or just pm me ingame)
DS: Under Void


If you would be interested in Merging our association does everything you said you want to do and hands out the tools you need to succeed. Have a great time playing.

Check us out at WEF! We have a bit of everything and are a very active bunch of high producing drunkards! RL first and such! War Eagle Fleet - Unlimited Null Life - GOONSWARM - Highly Active PvP-based Corp

Weird. Here’ another!

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