Open letter to Odo Korachi and the CONCORD Assembly

Hello Odo Korachi and members of the CONCORD Assembly. I am Gorski Car, former CSM delegate.

I am writing this letter as a open protest to the events that happened yesterday in the Yulai system (1.0 sec). I wish to openly protest the cowardly and public execution of 11 pilots and their capital ships. After the events it is clear that the DED wing acts outside any laws and regulations and will execute capsuleers without any form of trial. This must stop!

Further I want to address the weakl Odo Korachi who thought he would take the time to publicly insult a former CSM delegate
After questioning his tyranny and asking for the whereabouts of famous Anime Master pilot Stunt Flores - Odo thinks it’s ok to further insult a CSM delegate

It seems like Odo himself has forgotten who the CSM delegation advices. His words reflects badly on his entire organization of above-the-law-thugs. In the future I suggest that Odo himself choose to word himself more carefully else the powers that be might be swayed by the CSM delegation to look into his organization, especially during this age of Chaos.

Furthermore your public executions happen and are celebrated as empire space is actively under siege by Drifter and Triglavian invasions. I suggest the CONCORD Assembly look into actively fighting that instead of relying on capsuleers not even paid in bounties. Countless of people have been lost as these vile forces attack the same space your are supposed to protect.

I demand a public apology from Odo Korachi and that his organization realizes and respects the borders put in place between empire and lawless space. You must also change your priorities towards the invasions!

Gorski Car


#FreeStunt… it is your first step on the path to redemption


Also, these pilots were not executed. They merely lost their ships and can now live a life fitting for their simple minds on a planet surface instead of littering the cosmos.

These pilots will not see the light of a sun anymore as they are quietly shuffled into a CONCORD off planet blacksite!

The capsuleer community should not accept this or let it go unpunished. Rise up against CONCORD injustice!

Who are you again?

I never thought I would say this but on this occasion I support CONCORD.

You raise some very valid points regarding CONCORD’s inability (unwillingness is probably more accurate) to tackle the ongoing Triglavian and Drifter threats - especially considering they just rushed through higher taxes on capsuleers to pay for… well, we have yet to see any results on what they actually end up spending the money on.

However, to transport these pilots to Yulai for capsuleers to meter out community justice is precisely the kind of thing CONCORD should be doing. When a capsuleer has done wrong, either capsuleers should self-policing or the Empires should meter out their own justice based on their laws. CONCORD has no right getting involved in breaches of local laws or the behaviour of capsuleers unless they pose an immediate and credible threat to all of New Eden.

Secondly, imagine the cost saving CONCORD has made through this. By publicising to blood-thirsty capsuleers that there will be free kills to be had, it does two things:

  1. Acts as a public deterrent for other capsuleers to commit similar crimes,
  2. Saves money on the pay of CONCORD agents and frees them up to tackle emergent threats. Well, as long as the DED & AEGIS aren’t busy embezzling the money instead but that’s a different argument for another day

CONCORD should be divesting itself of more powers, not less and, with all due respect, this complaint feels like it’s come from a place of hurt feelings following being publicly humiliated rather than thought-through logic and is somewhat disappointing to see from a ‘former CSM delegate’.

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Gorski Carr, for someone who has dished plenty of off the cuff insults and diatribes at pilots, why has what Odo said rankled you much? Can you give it but not take it?

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Dishing out dishonorable language while hiding in a station or behind the protection of the police is no business for the CONCORD. I can very much take it but I challenge Odo to a honorable battle to settle this.

Utarri Maybe you are living happily in empire space like a sheep under the CONCORD protection but for me a life under a tyrant. Freedom is not the price to pay for slavery! RISE UP and leave the empire space

So you’re saying rise up, which implies overthrowing correct? If that is the case, why are you attempting to initiate procedure and working within the system by demanding CONCORD enact trials and enact disciplinary motions against Odo? Why aren’t you just, well, fighting the power rather than rowing along with it?

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I saw reports of Mr. Car attacking blues and allies in the warzone without provocation on his own decision, clearly acting himself in a dishonorable way, murdering people whom he should be working with. Unacceptable. It is highly hypocritical to blame COCORD in that after what he did himself.

And that, excuse me, just sounds as some sort of gallente malformed propaganda, like a typical brainwashed freedom-worshipping fanatic foaming at the mouth about “tyrants”.

Disgusting and unprofessional.

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I do not recognize Caldari as legitimate allies of the 24th imperial crusade! Your contributions are nothing compared to the might of the Amarr navy. And seeing how the 24th in fact reward me for engaging in battle with your alliance I think its only fit to see alliances within different factions as a failed project. Let my bullets start the war and end this false sense of safety that you have.

In that case I agree with estimation of Mr. Korachi.
You are nobody to dictate politics to the Empires, alliance is pretty much legitimate, and I deeply respect our allies from 24th Crusade, I participated in operations with them in the past and will in the future.

The only safety you will violate is your own, since if you will behave as a criminal, trying to attack illegal targets, you will be put down as a criminal.

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The fact that you follow the politics of the empires as a capsuleer shows how bound you are by their rules. We were given a gift and it is time to show new eden who really are in control. We are no one to follow their rules or politics

As for my safety, have no fear for from what I have seen from my “allies” it is nothing to be afraid of. Their piloting skill is lackluster.

Show them who really is in control, while you have to resort to writing an open letter asking CONCORD to be nice and spank the naughty man who said naughty things about you, and pretty please use trials to enforce CONCORD law instead of public executions?

Which is it Car? Do you want to overthrow CONCORD, have it behave more in your image, or is this just some knee jerk mewling after having one’s ego scratched? For a freedom fighter fighting The Man this is pretty pathetic.


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