Opengl error with the launcher

Logged a case with support but to no avail.

Recent game update mid-march and since then I can’t play the game any more. Bit of a pity because I was getting into it enough to consider a paid account.
Anyway, any ideas on how to fix this?


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Last bump before I throw in the towel.

Anyone??? Please???

Howdo, we have an open defect on this issue and are looking into it, however in the mean time does the following workaround help?

On windows when the launcher is not running, delete (or rename) opengl32sw.dll in the “C:\EVE\Launcher” directory.

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Yes, this worked for me.
Thank you

Worked also for me. Thanks!

Bumping to say this helped me too! Thanks Man. Took me a bit to find this thread on google, so hopefully this helps!

Worked for me, too.

Fixed for me too! Thanks so much!

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