Opertunities UI tips

The new opertunities window UI looks new and modern and i would like to add some tips and requests based on my first impression.

It would realy be nice if next to a tile overview we could get a list overview.
The tile overview is big and a list would make it more compact.

The overal size is a bit big. it would be nice if i could make it smaller instead of having it fill my screen. ( i like to keep it open while i do missions and not open it every time )

Some things are biger then normal. LIke for example the reward isk and lp are bigger the old system. This takes away space on the screen and gives less overview in 1 look.

Text size is a bit big. i can read all the other smaller text fine. dont understand why opertunities window needs bigger text then the rest of the game.

i would say overall goal is to make it small and compact but still provide all the inforamtion in 1 view.

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