Orbital Velocity looking for corps to join us! here in 0.0!

(Scarlett Aldun) #1

Hi first of all i would like to thank you for making it this far!! :slight_smile:

We are Orbital Velocity (ORB) a group of a eve enthusiasts from all walks of eve life living out in nullsec. We are sovereignty holders of 7 systems, in the Immensea Region. We are officially under the Phoenix Federation and have been throughout our Null sec adventures. We are most active through the US/EU timezone but do have a AUTZ contingent.

Our alliance is on the lookout for Industry, PvP, PvE corps in all time zones.

So that is a brief synopsis of who we are and what we are looking for now onto what you’re most interested in.

What can we offer you:

  • A Pocket of 6 “Ready to move in” systems with industry and Military index up.
  • Citadels/Indy Complexes in every system tailored to most if not everything you would need.
  • Opportunity to Flex those PvP muscles or expand your industrial endeavours
  • Daily PVP fleets led by our coalition Fc’s and even our own in house FC.
  • A fully functioning SRP program (Ships paid for if lost during a PvP fleet)
  • Jump freighter service to and from Jita
  • Voice services: Discord/TS3/Mumble
  • A strong group of players with experience in all forms of eve who are more than happy to help your members out if the need help be it in PI, Industry, PvE, PvP, Fittings.

What we will be expecting:

  • Active on voice coms (primarily our Ts server) though not necessary.
  • Willingness to join PvP fleets and form for home defense.
  • Willing to relocate out here to nullsec

Please if you are interested please join the: ORB Diplo
Or send a mail to Lando Habetkin, Hayley Aldun or Levnil Oriki

Thank you for your time

(Scarlett Aldun) #2

Still looking for motivated corps looking to try something new!!! please have a chat with us

(Scarlett Aldun) #3

Please come have a chat with us!! we don’t bite

(Levnil Oriki) #4

We’re not dead yet. Still looking for fresh bodies!