Order of Fedo - Think Opportunities

Don’t ask what you need to do for a Corporation, Ask what the Corporation can do for you!

We are a member of the The Curatores Veritatis Auxiliary Alliance. And backed by Curatores Veritatis Alliance, the second oldest Alliance in Eve.

  • Access to High, Low and NPC Null within 10 jumps.
  • A mix of newbros, returning veterans and the old guard.
  • A HQ in High and Low sec to accommodate for all levels of experience.
  • We currently have pilots enjoying all activities: PVP, PVE and Indy.
  • We have experienced members willing to mentor newer players.
  • A mix of TZs with pilots in Australia, China, Europe and the US.
  • An active Discord server.

Priority: Looking for Miners willing to mine ore belts and moons in Low Sec and NPC Null that are active from 2000 to 2400 Eve time.

For a chat in game jump in Join FEDO, or message me directly.

Looking for miners for low sec and NPC Null operations. Have moons in low sec and NPC Null. Manufacturing in NPC Null with 86 percent refining.

In game chat join fedo

Have you ever ran a level 5 mission? Become a Fedo and get the chance.
In game chat Join Fedo

Can you write a mail to me Zyma TheZ. I ma really curious about LV 5 missions and lowsec mining

Zuma TheZ I sure will when I get online in a few hours. It should be about 2000 eve time

Thank you for your interest.

We are growing but still recruiting.

Fleets are mining daily. Fleets doing level 4 missions. Stop playing alone join an active and growing Corp with lots of options for all play styles.

Lots of moon ore going to waste. Think you can handle mining in Low Security Space? Or NPC Null ?? We have ore waiting for you.

Daily bounce. Recruitment is heavy right now with a war raging and all the ore changes. Picking the right Corp is hard.

Join Fedo to chat in game

Wow where are all the miners that want to mine in Low Sec? We have the blue low sec areas waiting.

Shall we talk about those that harvest the rocks?

Sure. Join Fedo is our public chat

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