Order of skill options

Why oh Why are all the skills options not in alphabetical order, why space ship command first for example/ Please can we have all the skill headers in alphabetical order. left side, downwards then across


Thank you for being brave enough to say what we’re all thinking.


Because they are sorted by category, not alphabetical, skills within each option is already alphabetical

If you need a skill related with weapons (drones, missiles, gunnery, electronic warfare, etc), middle left column
If you need anything related to your ship (ship type, speed, tank, etc) left column
If you need anything related to industry and resources, right column
If you need skills to enhance things (rigs, trade, skill training, fleets and corps) middle right

Having them sorted alphabetical is nuts, would make no sense having Armour options on the start and Shields near the end.


The vast majority of the changes to basic UI over the past few years have been overwhelmingly positive. The skill sheet is the glaring, painful exception. Rip it out, revert it, and start over. Don’t deploy until you get something usable.

the thing is though there is no category top level header. to look through the list alphabetically is quicker and makes more sense as it will be easier to find… I didnt even know they were in a category until you just mentioned it.

Or if you want it that way, then they could give us the ability to toggle so the people whom prefer alphabetical are catered for too

Yeah well having the options sorted in alphabet makes things harder to figure out where things are, all it takes is the sudden realisation that they are divided in columns to make it easier to find as a category, alphabetically you would still glance left and right when looking for, say, Shields. No title needed once people figure out “Oh ok, this column has only these things neatly organised in here.”

Let’s face it, we all come across that one skill we just do not know where it is, so having them sorted in columns is Much better because with a vague idea of what it does we know where it is, which immediately gives you 6 options to choose from to find what you need.

Also, if you REALLY want to find things quicker, just use the search bar right underneath the History tab… All you do is type in there, wait one second, result shows up where the list of skills would. It also does the job of only highlighting the options where the things the search finds are, so you can better understand “Oh ok, so these things are here here and there!” but of course the manual part you need to do is be able to recognise yourself where each skill goes to, in the example below it is obvious armour skills will go to the armour option…

Completely agree.

The categories should be sorted alphabetically, and the skills within those categories should be sorted alphabetically. Perfect example, look at EveMon skill browser.

Next thing to do is add a much more robust search, since the whole damn thing needs to be redone anyways.

Say you’re searching for “Explosive Shield Compensation”. You should just be able to type “exp com” and have it find what you are looking for (along with anything else containing the strings “exp” and “com”. Perfect example here is pyfa, god bless, you can do as little as 3 characters from each word and easily find the module you are looking for. Saves dramatically on typing.

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I really have the disagree with this. The new skill sheet is better than the old one, it has better features, and once you get used to it it’s overall better. The thing most people seem to be skipping is the getting used to it part. They’re complaining because it’s changed rather than figuring out how it’s improved. For example there’s fantastic filtering and sorting options now.

Regardless demanding that they revert the whole thing is a ridiculous request. The old code is dead and gone and the back end that supported it went with it.

This is more of an intentional UI decision than anything and it pretty much comes down to whether you want spaces to be treated as wildcards or as part of the search string. Searching for literals out of a textbox is way less time consuming to implement and uses less performance, which could be a concern on weaker clients or if the search hits a backend database instead of local client data.

I actually prefer the current sorting method. I’d support an option, but not a wholesale swap.

I too disagree. The new skill sheet has a lot of features and i found it pretty intuitive.

Alright, I happen to be updating a skill plan for my industry main right now. Here’s the issue.

  1. I already have what I need in the plan, but have decided to re-order things. Specifically, I want to move up Mass Reactions 5 and Advanced Mass Reactions 1-4.
  2. I can select these five skills, but I cannot drag them as a group.
  3. I cannot re-add them and have the interface re-order them properly, so my option is either to remove them and add them in the proper place or drag them, one at a time, while scrolling up.

Yes, I can locate the skills (the filter really is nice for this; I’ll cede that point happily). However, actually setting the queue is a pain in the ass and it doesn’t need to be.

I’m going to go ahead and admit my first post was slightly hyperbolic. I still think the whole thing needs a redesign.

they are ordered by group

left is ship skills

center left is targeting/targeted skills

center right is supportive skills

right is industry skills (and structure management that was added later)

This was something the old interface had issues with as well. This isn’t a reason to “revert everything” it’s feedback for the devs, that should preferably be delivered with as little hyperbole as possible, on a way they could improve their design.

Also I’ll have to double check this when I get home but I believe you can work around all the clicking and dragging by using the import function to delete everything except the first skill out of your plan and then re-add everything with one command (again, have to double check when I get home that I’m not imagining this).

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