Other exploration vessel

So other than Covop, T1 frig, soe,soct, echalon
Is there any other exploration vessel with different model?
Or new fation exploration vessel

Whatever you’d like to explore with.


But it would be harder and lower the chances right?

Yes and no. Depends on what you are exploring for.

If you were after gas sites / wormholes it might still make sense to simply fit a prospect with probes and a covops cloak, find those sites, then swap out your probe launcher for gas harvesters (that you carry with you). Having no bonus for probes would be offset by ability to immediately go after your targets and start mining.


But it is also a challenge you can be up to.

How about hacking site?
Maybe in a cormorant or rupture? Is it possible?

Your best bet is to pour your drink of choice, open the in-game simulator (press the Fitting icon on the left) and then play with the various ships you want to trial.

First, list the ships you can fly and / or want to try.

Then, list the types of sites you want to go for but have to scan for …. combat, wormhole, relic, data, gas.

Next, start fitting the various ships, using the simulator with probe launchers, relic analyzers, gas harvesters. Whatever you need for the various types of sites you want to explore for.

As a tip, perhaps tick the option that only allows you to simulate rigs and mods that you actually have skills to fit, right now.

You can save each fit as you go. You can even have several different fits for each ship and return to them any time you want. Then you can compare which ones will fit what. Also which ships are faster or more agile. Then decide for yourself.

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