Outer Path of Caldari FW is Recruiting USTZ

OPATH is a combat-focused corporation engaged in FW in service of the Caldari State in the Black Rise region. We support our alliance, United Caldari Space Command, and other alliances in the region but tend to stick to small nano-gang warfare. We are a great cohesive unit, mature with a humorous level of toxicity, and we are always looking to better ourselves, each other, and OPATH as a whole.

OPATH is looking for talented and experienced pilots who don’t bring an elitist attitude to the table, are laid back, have a good attitude, and like to have fun. We are also looking for pilots who are financially self-sufficient, have small gang history on their killboard, and who can fly 2 frigates and cruisers to V with T2 guns.

We have a 50M SP minimum to join but negotiation is possible depending on certain things, join our Discord to find out more and see if you take the Outer Path with us.

One of Us
One of Us
One of Us

We are looking for skilled pilots to join us in our shenanigans. Apply in game and join our Discord.

The salt mines are producing. Get your share today.

Come and join our shenanigans, we are looking for pilots who want to pew… and pew they will. Sit down and talk with us in our Discord.