OUTLAWS => Living beyond the [-Law-] US tz Recruitment open

The difference between a criminal and an 0utlaw is that while criminals frequently are victims, 0utlaws never are. Indeed, the first step toward becoming a true 0utlaw is the refusal to be victimized. All people who live subject to other people’s laws are victims. We 0utlaws, however, live beyond the law. We don’t merely live beyond the letter of the law, we live beyond the spirit of the law. In a sense, then, we live beyond society.
Have we a common goal, that goal is to turn the tables on the ‘nature’ of society… When we succeed, we raise the exhilaration content of the universe… We even raise it a little bit when we fail.

that being said…

0utlaws is back and growing fast and always looking for new capable pilots and of course we always need leaders, Is that you?
We started out as a few RL friends that just wanted to be left alone. some have moved on to other things (families and job stuff) some refuse to let it go Shocked

we are a US tz 0.0 PvP corp within The Commonwealth. alliance with just the right amount of choice blues looking to add quality pvp pilots to our ranks with the goal of making a solid name for ourselves in EvE … but that will take several people that have the patience to build, and who can lead.

we are looking for any pilot that HAS pvp experiance to help the ones who WANT the pvp experiance,
(the best way to learn is from the ones who have been doing it.)

Benefits include:

Low Tax
Gain experience and advice from corp mates
Casual environment. nothing is mandatory except for having fun
‘n00b’ friendly (2mil sp minimum)
a nice pocket in 0.0 to make isk in
training and support in developing PvP skills
military rank and hierarchy; hone your skills as a rank pilot or take on the responsibilities of an officer and lead

-What we require-
-Discord / Teamspeak and a working mic
-Pvp oriented skills or willing to learn
-Mature players only

feel free to contact me with any questions you may have… and remember, you were meant for something better

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questions are good, i hope i have answered them all

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good 2 days keep em coming

still looking for more leaders

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Been good but still looking for more leaders

Solid leadership and vision. Looking forward to what is next.

looking for a fresh start?

Looking for a new start without all the drama, pressure, and egos? Join us

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We have room for all. Experienced team and relaxed attitude. Vets looking for a new start come on in!

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