Packet loss

(darkestkhan Eriker) #43

Not CCP’s fault.

(POG Actual) #44

It looks like a bunch of ISPs in the US are having issues, not just Level3.

(Colinde's) #45

EU here…
I experience 10-20 sec with normal performance, and then a 5-10 sec dropout of any response from the servers.
It sucks.

(Maarty Azizora) #46

Same problem here, very frustrating.

(Javassia Faceless) #47

Same here. Unplayable. Good reason to try another games.

(James Gear) #48

I am having the same issue and I’m not going through that IP address as a node.

(Loki Yamaguchi) #49

Can’t even change prices…ffs…


(system) #50

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