Packet loss

Stop whining, the problem is not CCP fault. the problematic node is

Thanks… what does that mean exactly? and does node stand responsible for the lack of customer service too?

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Same here, player from Chile, unplayable right now

Internet route problem, not CCP’s hardware, the node is located in the US here:

traceroute TQ and see who is not responding correctly.

It’s happening everywhere, EU, US, Canada, Aussie players are all being effected with lag.

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i don’t defend them, that’s just not their fault.


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Seriously WTF is this CCP? The game I am paying for does not work on Sunday, which is like the only day in week I actually have time to play. No response from CCP either. Can anyone from CCP provide a statement what is going on, how are they fixing it and how are we going to be compensated?

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Its not as bad as it was earlier for me. I’m gonna give it more time.

since yesterday I can not play. It gives me this problem. already change the internet and delete and install the game. keep giving me the same problem.

The reason is simple.

Now that Pearl Abyss owns CCP, they are redirecting the servers to help host Black Desert Online.

You know, the more important, and more profitable game for them?

Not, tell me.

Been brutal, had time to go to the toilet and back before managing to jump next gate. Even found a strange woman in the house claiming to be my wife pah!


Is this related to the downtime in the UK?