Paladin vs Carrier ticks

I comfortably tick ~ 30mil with Paladin in Dronelands with Mauraders IV. Would a T1 carrier gain significant increase or would I be better to train Maurader V, then Dreadnoughts. I don’t intend to train Carriers as a focus.

I hear conflicting story about how much Carriers tick for, some say up to 60mil others say less than my Maurder because of the fighter travel times.

Carriers tick 50-70 mil depending on how well you fly. There are a lot of tricks you’ll pick up managing fighters and reducing travel time that make a huge difference. Warp speed rigs are a must as they will leave you less vulnerable to players (less time stuck in warp) and get you to the sites faster. The carrier warp is a big part of the isk/hr. Knowing when to use your fighter salvos and mwd, and positioning them to move to where the next spawn is is also very important.

A carrier with t1 fighters and carrier lvl 4 or so will beat your marauder by about 10mil/tick atleast.Once you move onto t2 fighters add some bling etc you can reach 60-70.Also a rattlesnake wil beat your ticks too depending on bling and fit it can reach 40/tick

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Ok thank you both yes that clarifies alot. I assume you are talking about the highest lvl sigs which is Horde’s for Drones. I don’t have the option to do these as the supercapital pilots only are allowed to do these so I do the second highest lvl sigs Patrols which probably give a slightly lower isk bounty tick but also give at least equal isk return in loot, unlike hordes which have a lower random boss Sentient boss spawn rate. Which gives a total isk tick including loot of 60mil.

From what you have said Carriers should be able to destroy targets faster, but also need to warp alot more often potentially slowing me down alot more. Patrols also have high numbers of frigate (alot), destroyer, cruiser swarms do Carriers have problems handling smaller targets like this?

No carriers have no trouble with small targets really

You can do patrols in carriers with ease.

That said… I’d actually just use a marauder, if you’re only running patrols. Especially if you’re depending on loot.

Typical MO for carrier ratting:

  • Warp in at 100, align to a fort as soon as you land
  • MWD fighters in to the spawn point, ideally before they spawn

You’ll have a lot of travel time in patrols. You can certainly do it, but a mara will do it almost as efficiently and you won’t have to worry about a bunch of training.

Of course, a mara is sieged for 1 minute cycles. A carrier can warp off at any time. Isk-wise, you won’t see a huge improvement with a T1 carrier in patrols.

You won’t need to bastion the patrol battleships have short range like 15 km or less and they spawn at various range with each wave if you got enough dps a rep and 1-2 hardener is enough

You might get faster clears though, I haven’t done many patrols but on occasion they can spawn pretty far away from you. Going into bastion would give you more range which would in turn give you a faster clear while they’re burning towards you. It’s not a big difference, of course.

My go-to for ratting before my carrier was a Nightmare. Dat scorch yo.

I use tachyon on nightmare but it’s for hordes however nowdays I keep it only for DED sites and do hordes in nyx.
For patrols I use an afk Ishtar

I liked the option of using conflag and a grappler for things that got close. Big boom.

I’ve never tried an afk ratting fit… honestly never will.

It can be multiboxed with very little Imput so you can run alot of them at once.I currently run 3 mostly just check them when a new wave spawns incase of random carrier spawn

When does it end lol more boxes more sp farms more semi afk farming reeeeee

you can’t multibox infinity of VNI. an AFK vni is 20min farm, 2 min setup, ie 10% activity. That means, you can’t mutlibxo efficiently more than 10 VNI.
plus at this rate you want to make a salvaging alt, which will take a few % of time too. I think 6 VNI is the max number to max out isk/h

Wasn’t talking about just vni talking about pi sp farms mining etc

People have drifted more and more toward ‘do it yourself’ aproach on everything because who can you rely more on than you to get things done the way you want them.
Then there’s the trust issue which goes quite deep

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