Panic Stations. Highly Active Low-Sec PvP


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Bumpo topo

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For I went the way of the next only to find myself alone.

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come one come all plenty of pew to be had

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14779221300 hi all come get in on the pew

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292955871 plenty of pew to be had m8’s

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All timezones welcome

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1414269 wine me dine me 14 times

66 Mil Returning Pilot
Coming back to eve after a very long time. Looking for new/returning player friendly corp
Looking for corporation / NPC regions Angel or Guristas
Looking for a reason to come back! Can you give me one? 100% PVP - 40MIL SP Pilot
Looking for Corp
72m SP Returning to the Eve Needle
Looking for a connection
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Looking for more!

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Episode 1 podcast! Have a listen. Bonus video footage and Challenger Doctrine at the end!

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Episode 2 podcast!

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Episode 3 podcast!

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I’ve done some research on you guys and I’m keen to have a chat with regard to possibly joining.

Love the podcasts btw :slight_smile: