Panic Stations. Highly Active Low-Sec PvP

Panic Stations: Where the members create the content. We are a Low-Sec PvP corporation specializing in small gang and doctrine fleet warfare. We offer re-training for return vets to bring them up to speed in this ever-changing pixelverse we call New Eden.

Who are we looking for?

  • Mature players
  • Newer pilots with 10 million skill points or more
  • Returning or Experienced PvP Pilots
  • Exploration pilots to scan down chains
  • Priority goes to pilots wanting to ship into logi or ewar

What can we do for you? We can provide a myriad of benefits:

  • Large and small scale fleets
  • Access to contract ships
  • ISK making opportunities
  • Ship Reimbursement Program
  • JF Service to and from Jita
  • Access to Null ratting (alts only)
  • Highly active US and EU TZs
  • Fast paced environment


  • 10m skillpoints required
  • Teamspeak3 with working mic AND headset
  • Full API check

Please join us in the channel “Panic Stations Recruiting” in game to find out more, Or message Skyhawk5 directly in game!

Check out our Podcast!!




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Episode 1 podcast! Have a listen. Bonus video footage and Challenger Doctrine at the end!