Para-Soul Trading

Hello Pilots

Welcome and thank you for reading.

I am an old player who specialized in solo and small gang PVP. I started as a trader in the beginning and have made my fortune on the market, PVEing/Plexing etc.

I am returning to the game with a few friends from other games and RL and we will be looking to recruit some more member to enjoy making isk, speaking on ts?.

All tech one ships will be supplied for members so that everyone can take part, At current a 3 month lease is being negotiated for 0.0 access to excellent ore’s, rats,etc.

As said ships and ammo/crystals etc will be provided by the Corp. if you lose it we will have something to replace it, (within reason).

If you have the skills,ability and the project can make isk then the Corp. will be happy to fund your project (within reason).

Please contact Sanchez Ding in game join Para-Soul Recruitment or reply here.

Thank you

Mrs Fannie, Sanchez Ding & Melld (Para-Soul Trading)

Join us you can make the difference

We have free sexy time…so get intouch

taking on complete noobs, bustin in back doors …no one can hear them scream

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