Parallax Error [BL1ND] Recruiting Corps and Individuals for Nullsec!

Parallax Error is a new alliance in the Syndicate region of New Eden, looking to move into sov nullsec space in the near future.

What can we offer YOU?

  • Experienced nullsec Fleet Commanders
  • Covert Ops Experience and Activity
  • Plentiful PVP Content
  • Experienced Players to learn from
  • A group to call ‘home’!

What should YOU expect from us?

  • A clear and understanding leadership team, with drama in their crosshairs
  • Citadels, Engineering Complexes and Refineries coming soon!
  • A tight-knit community where your enjoyment is top priority
  • A relaxed atmosphere, but determination to overcome the setbacks of sov-nullsec life

What are WE looking for?

  • PvP pilots, old and new
  • Ratters
  • Industrious Miners
  • Black ops pilots
  • Exploration pilots
  • Intrepid Newbros!

What WE expect?

  • Use of TS3 During EU & US TZ
  • Be Active - Without Community, there is no Community.

We are looking to recruit corporations and individuals who wish to live in nullsec and are prepared to endure the hardships of combat that come with it in order to carve our own place in the universe. The alliance has TeamSpeak 3 and Slack set up already, so it is highly recommended that corps are familiar with these, and are committed to using them regularly.

If you’re interested, join ‘Significant Figures’ ingame channel to find out more!

Friendly bump, sounds interesting!!

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