Part Time Eve-ers Gentlemen's Club

Are you busy with school, work, or just generally RL? Become a Part Timer by joining the PartTime Eve-ers Gentlemen’s Club (we welcome all gentle folk) and fly what you can, when you can with whoever is on.

Perks: Newbro/ alpha friendly with ship replacement program for T1 Destroyers, Frigates, Ventures, and Mining Barges. Super casual atmosphere, collective/ we can do more together attitude. “Ops” that run at a consistent time on the weekend. We’re looking to add a weeknight one as well.

Area of space (NPC/Sov Null/ Wormhole/ Low/High sec): Gallente Hi-Sec

Type of Corp (Indy/Small gang/F1 blob): Indy, dabbling in just about everything else.

Main and active time zones: US/EU

Any requirements of SP/Alts etc: Lol, nope. Bring us your Alpha clones and Day 1s (Vets always welcome, too)

Any external discord/website links:

Drop a Mail to Tokigo Niroshi if you’re interested

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