We are not interested in growing into a megacorp. We are looking for a couple of mature players who will enjoy the good company of a small relaxed group of fellas who love flying internet spaceships.

☜| ★ .ABOUT US. ★ |☞

☆ We are a small, very chill, and mature group!
☆ We do NullSec PvP, PvE, Indy - In a Safe Haven
☆ We offer Full Sub/Cap SRP

☜| - Join our Discord: Patriarch Of Destruction - |☞

Good morning
I present I’m Adams Kev I’ve been playing Eve online for 9 years and I have a problem with my laptop I can’t play Eve and I’m going to see her with my family to buy a new pc anyway and if you know questions don’t hesitate for sure all the same I have a discord know Adams Kev #4152 and my activity know PVE and pvp and manufacturing T1 ships and I’m alpha and if you don’t understand me at all I have a disability problem and I make a lot of spelling mistakes and I am not yet an omega for the moment know to warn you anyway if you speak in English or French or any foreign languages

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your interest. When you are abel to, please join our discord using this link to discuss your application further: Patriarch Of Destruction

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One Recruitment Post per Project should fairly be enough.

Did you merge it with the old post?