Patriotic Tendencies in Null is recruiting once more!

Null is where all the fun occurs!

Do you enjoy…

  • Making isk?
  • Blowing people up?
  • Industry?
  • Near constant content?
  • Honey?

Then Patriotic Tendencies may be for you. We are a member of Goonswarm Federation inside the Imperium Coalition. We have a 15 mill SP requirement. We live in the region of Delve, a area of space known for its vast wealth and resources.

As a member of Goonswarm you will have access to:

  • A major SRP fund
  • Experienced Vets, some as far back as the Great EVE War.
  • Dozens of smaller groups within the coalition, each with their own agendas and objectives.
  • A stable market that can rival Jita.
  • A safe and secure region to do as you please.
  • Unlimited Honey

If interested, please join our In-Game Public Channel PEND.Recruitment or get in contact with one of our recruiters


  • Prometheus Aeon
  • Alchemisti
  • Crimper


  • Klyssa En Chalune
  • Mullokad Iwaira
  • Prometheus Aeon (Only early hours)

We thank you for taking the time for reading this, and hope to chat with you soon

The Patriotic Tendencies Recruiting Team

Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I hear some bees


!bump! we’re still open!

Buzz… Come join our public channel PEND.Recruitment

We’re still alive!


Hi, I am UK timezone but would love you guys to consider me. How to go about applying please?

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