PC: 55mil Perfect Miner. Rorqual Pilot. Fleet Booster with Industrial/Production/Research/Scanning/PI


Perfect Miner:
Mining V
Astrogeology V
Gas Cloud Harvesting V
Ice Harvesting V
Mining Drones V
Exhumers V
Mining Barge V
Mining Frigate V

2.2mil sp in PI

Capital Industrial Ships IV
Near perfect Fleet Support: 10.3mil out of 18.4mil (all Commands and Command Specialists to V, Mining Foreman V, Mining Director IV)
Ore Industrial IV
Salvaging V

Covops IV
Hacking V
Scanning skills V or IV

Amarr, Caldari Industrial V

over 5m sp in Science
over 4.5m sp in Resource Processing

Good armor, EWar, Production, development
Great armor, shield, drone development

Lot of utility in Exploration, Mining, Production, Research. With a little work could be an excellent Fleet Booster or EWAR Pilot.

Currently in Jita.

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