PC on < 1 mil sp toon, born '06, clean corp history

Name is confidential to buyer. Not mentioned anywhere in forums, nor will be shared with any potential bidder.

You are not entitled to choose what information you want to share, other than the info you give besides the required info, when selling a character, read Character Bazaar rules.

You cannot give a price on a character when you only know 1-2 pieces of info about it. The first few millions of skill points (upto about 5m) does not fetch much of a price as anyone can easily achieve this. As the name of the character is the main selling point it’s quite important that potential buyers know what it is, would you buy something that you know nothing about?, I don’t think you would, neither would I, any potential buyer is left with only questions: “What have it been use for that warrants not disclosing it’s name?” and possibly “does it even exist at all?”

The birth year, low skill points, and clean corp history are all the info a potential buyer looking for this specialized item might desire.

As character transaction fraud is prohibited and refundable to the buyer, there is no risk to the buyer- nor any profit to the seller in attempting to fake a transaction.

As far as I am aware, a character transaction that meets all rules and guidelines can be arranged and executed outside the Character Bazaar forum.

Does the character have a negative wallet balance?
Any kill rights?
Any Jump clones?
Is character in hs, ls, null or wh?

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