PC - Women's Sisters of Eve Analysis Coat

Wonder what the above is worth had one since it came with project discovery, and while the combat suit got added to an LP store i dont think this did?

They were listed in the LP store. ( strictly they are still in the lp store, however no way to gain required AK - Analysis Kredit, the exclusive reward for the first Project discovery - any more. )
Analysis Coat asked 50k AK whilst Combat Suit did 75k AK.

Despite combat suits are doable in the market, you can’t handle analysis coat neither in market nor searching via contracts. Thus they can be only transacted via direct contract or hand-trade.
Combat suits are available from 400M ISK in the market.
Taking it into consideration, their original value might not be mroe than 500M. However they are special as stated above.

Ordinally they are valued around 3 ~ 5 Bill in the forum, but it really depends.

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