PC/WTS Perfect Naglfar toon

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Dudemeister_Yakuza pw 1234

Looking for 30b+. Will open a sale thread when price will be reached. Sales with naglfar hull + T2 aerator rig (as a gift) (I don’t promise about this nag)

30b BO ISk ready to send

you should have a read over the rules at Welcome to the Character Bazaar

while you can leave assets on a character being sold you cannot consider those assets as part of the sale price. only skill points, skins that are already injected, standings toward NPC corps, and character reputation can be part of the sale price. any assets you should transfer to another char or sell.

also must be in NPC corp to sell.

Price check doesn’t require such thing,That thread is PC thread. I will open a new one as thread for sale. I may stand in my original corporation during PC. Consider all items as a gift

this part you cannot include in the price just saying :wink: kind of an expensive gift i guess.

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haha, true :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome, I will create a sell thread soon and will provide a link. You will win on Sunday downtime.


Can you repeat your offer WTS 27.85 mil SP Perfect Naglfar Character in this thread :slight_smile:

Thanks man done , would love to get this one ; all the best

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