[PC / WTS] T2 BPO's

Hey guys,

i have a few T2 BPO’s i want to PC and possibly sell if the price is right. So give me some good and realistic offers/prices:

These prints are most likley for sale:

1) Nemesis BPO ME9 PE20

2) Ishkur BPO ME10 PE20

3) Scimitar BPO ME10 PE18

4) Cerberus BPO ME10 PE18

For the following prints to sell you must leave me breathless:

5) Manticore BPO ME9 PE20

6) Buzzard BPO ME10 PE20

7) Helios BPO ME10 PE20

8) Viator BPO (ME and PE will be updated asap)

9) Mackinaw BPO ME10 PE20

10) Hulk BPO ME10 PE14

So hit me!

Still looking for some offers! Just here as this is an alt and i don’t log him in :wink:

Can you provide a range of what you’re looking to get per print?

I’m interested in:


I’offer 650bil
ishkur BPO ME10 PE20*
Scimitar BPO ME10 PE18*
Cerberus BPO ME10 PE18*

Actually i’m not sure. Havn’t been around for a few years and now want to see what they are still worth and if some1 offers a good offer i’d sell to start some buisness :slight_smile:



you?what are you talking about a few years ago?lool a few years ago so for my three bpo you didn’t get that much.
good luck with sales
keep them instead

Dai Kyoko
i already made 700bil ingame offer hulk mackinaw
I didn’t get any answer
I conclude from this that everything here will be nothing but business :)))

Thanks for the heads up. That is normally how it is in today’s game.

People want to sell for 1 trillion isk each or not sell at all. Either way is fine.

As i posted i don’t check ingame mails as this is an alt character.

Also as i posted in my inital thread the prints 1-4 i would rather sell if the price is right (also seeing what ppl offer to get an estimate what they are still worth). I won’t sell to the first offer i get. I want to see where the price will settle eventually.
For the prints 5-10 i also stated that i entertain some nice offers and might sell.

The estimates are mainly to set up an auction for some/all of them in case i’m not sure.

That’s why i havn’t accepted the first offer i got. Either you understand that and can accept that or not.

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