Peaked Caps

It’s a simple request,

Can we please have peaked caps of some design to wear? We have berets and baseball caps but nothing else traditionally associated with navies.

I really want to fly around with an avatar looking like an imperial guardsman commissar and yell in local “FLY ME CLOSER, I WANT TO HIT THEM WITH MY SWORD!”

Wrong Empire, Scoots.

We already have peaked caps.

Haven’t you seen the Naglfar? And the entire FAX lineup? They’re all vertical caps…oh wait…that’s not what you meant.

Sorry. Been a bit punchy around here lately.

Yeah, I’m down with pretty much any vanity project like this as long as it doesn’t take much away from new and ongoing non-vanity projects.

What I really want is Cat Ears apparel.
I would buy then even if they would cost like 1,000 PLEX


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