☆Pelennor Swarm☆ Recruiting. Highsec, othersec, all are welcome

☆Pelennor Swarm☆
Public channel: SLA

Greeting Pilots,

PLN Swarm is a highsec / wh enterprise focused on any manner of isk acquisition.
We are based out of Heimatar/Metropolis space.

Our members and their friends have played eve for decades, across all manner of content.
Highsec today, but we have no limits on the horizons we’re willing to explore.

[Considerately, we maintain a network of corporations. No pilot will be drawn into a war, activity, or avenue of gameplay they do not desire]

Above all, we enjoy learning new aspects of the game and training new & interested pilots.

I hope you consider us,
please drop into our public channel: SLA


PLN [est 04]
CEO & Co-founder

Missioning, mining, scanning; whatever your highsec/wh interests, we’d like to help in your pursuits!

Tax free, obligation free, drama free. Give us a try.

New characters learning,
old characters chilling.
And anyone in between.
Stop on in to channel SLA

free punch and pie!

We are still looking for good pilots,

Or, mediocre even! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thread bump. I hope you consider us, feel free to stop into SLA and chat

PLN Dating profile:


Enjoy mining, missions, long walks on the beach, and the occasional non-consensual space-murder of people we don’t know inside of wormholes.

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