(Bloc Provisions) #1

Bloc Provisions is located in Jita 4-4
Sec Status 5.0
LvL 4 Missions with Amarr Faction.
No Kill Rights Against bloc provisions.
Jumps 3 not used.
Wallet is +
No implants are currently installed but has cybernetics V

Start Bid 40bil Buy Out 55 bil
I reserve the right to stop the auction at any time.

This Auction will run until August 5/17
Do not bid if you do not intend to keep it there no retracting please.

This is an Auction not a chat room so please do not post opinions or chatter.
Refrain from making offers unless you really do have isk in hand.

This chr can fly a great many ships some of the top will be listed here.
Perfect Rorq "Drone Skills both ore and ice"
Pilot T2 Broadsword HAC’s caldari and Minmatar
Command Destroyer BiFrost
T2 Logi
JF Nomad JumpCal 5 - Fuel 4
All 4 races of carriers but spec for shield fits. pre injjected skills for armor fits.
Verify what is there on the skill sheet.
Caldari and Minmatar Force Auxillaries
Much Much more general coverage of ships flown.
Also here are the skins that are all perm on this chr.
Bargest Convergence -Nova
Arbitrator Exoplanets Hunter
Breacher Exoplanets Hunter
Broadsword Exoplanets Hunter
Cheetah Exoplanets Hunter
Hurricane Exoplanets Hunter
Minmatar Shuttle Exoplanets Hunter
Reaper Exoplanets Hunter
Rifter Exoplanets Hunter
Rupture Exoplanets Hunter
Scythe Exoplanets Hunter
Thrasher Exoplanets Hunter
Wreathe Exoplanets Hunter
Rook Exoplanets Hunter
Caldari Shuttle Exoplanets Hunter
Gallente Shuttle Exoplanets Hunter
Velator Exoplanets Hunter

Gila Hostile Takeover
RattleSnake Hostile Takeover

Blackbird Matigu Seabeast
Orca Minmatar Industrial Livery
Tristan Quafe
Cerberus Raata Sunset
Capsule YC119 Capsuleer Day
Capsule - Genolution ‘Auroral’ 197-variant
Rifter YC119 Yoiul Festival 'Glacial Drift’
Incursus YC119 Yoiul Festival 'Glacial Drift’
Kestrel YC119 Yoiul Festival 'Glacial Drift’
Osprey YC119 Yoiul Festival 'Glacial Drift’
Crucifire YC119 Yoiul Festival 'Glacial Drift’
Punisher YC119 Yoiul Festival 'Glacial Drift’
Tormentor YC119 Yoiul Festival ‘Glacial Drift’

Good Luck Bidding, Feel free to ask questions if needed.

(Deana Risalo) #2

Your link is broken (missing the last ‘s’ in pilot name in URL). Nice toon - just bit out of my budget.

(Bloc Provisions) #3

yes I stated that there was an issue with that on the post. and the reason is far to complex to get into on here.
searching bloc provisions will bring up the skill sheet with out issue

(Deana Risalo) #4

Lot of text. Reading is hard. :joy:

(Bloc Provisions) #5

Link Fixed

(Streitwartt) #6

40 bill

(Gattanera) #7

Hi there. 42b

(sunlui) #8


(Maizie Fields) #9

47.5 bil

(Bloc Provisions) #10

Bump >> Maizie Fields current high bidder

(Gattanera) #11

48bil from me

(Bloc Provisions) #12

post updated, placed aa 60 bil buy out as this is a long auction.

(sunlui) #13



50 bil

(Bloc Provisions) #15

You got a Heart for the cool name lol


You are interested in my proposal?

(Bloc Provisions) #17

I just liked your name, you are currently the high bidder at 50bil

(Bloc Provisions) #18

Buy out lowerd to 55 bil

(Bloc Provisions) #19

RUST THRUST I am going to accept your bid of 50 bil, if you get the isk and the info sent to bloc provisions I will transfer right away.

(Bloc Provisions) #20

Ok no reply in 14 hours auction will continue last bid was 50 bil
If anyone cares to match it , it will be accepted bil and 1 isk