Perfect Rorq skills

Hello everyone. I’m trying to plan a perfect Rorq skilled pilot and it would really save me time and future headaches if there was a template for a perfect Rorq skilled pilot. I’m talking max fitting skills, no wasted skills with optimal tank. Any resource to look this up?

It should be fairly easy to produce such a plan with pyfa. Create the Rorqual fit you want to use as target, select the “all 0 skills” character, and export the required skills for the fit. Import that into EVEMon. This is your bare minimum plan. Or you could import the fit itself into EVEMon and create the plan from that. You might add the Magic Fourteen to the plan, or at least any pertinent skills from that list, and you might want to up some or all of the skills to four or five if they’re not there already.

What is the magic 14

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