Perihelion 343 - New Community for Military, Fire/EMS, and Law Enforcement Personnel

Cursus Honorum is a Latin phrase referring to the public officials who serve the needs of the society.

This PVP-centric corp was founded by current and former military and public safety (fire, EMS, and law enforcement) personnel because we share a common culture of service before self, and excellence in what we do for the betterment of all.

While recruitment is open to anyone regardless of profession or prior service, we are only looking for competent, qualified pilots. Minimum skill point levels are required, and most importantly we are looking for the capacity for NOT being a scrub that can’t follow simple instructions. -343- pilots must be mostly self-sufficient, able to take care of themselves, contribute to the corp as a whole, and not be hopeless scrubs. There are many excellent training corps in this game for newer/inexperienced pilots, but this is not one of those corps.

There is no place for ego or tantrums in this corp. There is no expectation on activity level other than being as active as you can be without compromising your real life obligations. Logging in is the hardest part, after that all the pieces will fall into place.

This is a community of like-minded individuals, with expectations of high performance. But like any community, we offer more than just the game. We offer a support system, we offer shared life experiences, we offer exchanges of stories, and most importantly we offer an in-game family that will always have your back.

Joining 343 also allows you access to a wider gaming community of more than just EVE players, with an infrastructure in place for playing other games with your fellow members.

For more information, join our public channel I.D.L.H.
Or you can join our public Discord with this link: jtaHMh4

People to contact in game:

CEO: SmokeEater

We are still recruiting. Some further info to answer common questions:

  1. No it doesn’t matter what you do/did for a living, we accept any competent pilot.
  2. This is a growing community, brand new in EVE. Yes, it was founded by people who have their mains in other alliances.
  3. This corp does offer nullsec PvP content.
  4. This corp offers access to an even wider community of gamers, not limited to just EVE.

Please feel free to join our Discord day or night for more info.

Count me in. Just don’t shoot my dog…

Thank you for your interest. Please feel free to send an in-game mail or join our Discord to get the process started.

We are still recruiting, send us a message if you are interested in applying.

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