PGGB: Wormhole Corp at the End of the Universe is Hiring

Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters is a WH corp located in C2 space with a C5 and null statics. We are a primarily US TZ group with a growing EU TZ presence. In our Alliance both US and EU TZ have good representation so you will always have someone to fly with.

If you are looking for a relaxed environment, full service wormhole living with an emphasis on PvP, with active leadership and no obsession about your killboard, then we may be just the corporation you are looking for!

Here’s what we can offer

  • PVP content (Null roams, fleet fights, ganks, rage rolls, etc)
  • Ore, Gas, PI, PVE opportunities thanks to our C5 static.
  • Weekly group ratting (we want you to have isk)
  • Discord for out of game voice and text.
  • Private Pathfinder Server for Wormhole mapping.
  • SRP for doctrine ships.
  • We have both experienced and newer players to facilitate a learning environment.
  • A growing WH alliance with multiple corporations.
  • Opportunities for joint operations with other corporations/alliances.
  • Alliance Bookmarks!

We also have some requirements (If you don’t meet any of these talk to me privately and we can work something out)

  • 15 Mil Sp minimum required.
  • An active interest in living IN wormhole space.
  • Be active in the community and on discord.
  • Must be omega account.
  • Be willing to pvp and lose ships.
  • Don’t be a dick.

Really what we’re looking for is good people to grow our community so we can blow up more stuff together, we all work for a living and like to come home and relax socially in a community that revolves around Eve. We play other games together often and sometimes just hang out on comms. If you’re at all interested or have questions please reach out to me or anyone else in corp.

The Best ways to reach us are

  • Discord at “Big Schip#2582”
  • Evemail “Big Schip”
  • Join our in game public channel “PGGB Pub Channel” or “Ocularis Inferno Pub”

Thank you and fly dangerously.

Big Schip

Director and Recruitment Officer [PGGB]

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