Phantom Squad - PvP & Tactical Industry Since 2003

Founded in the year of Eve’s Inception, Phantom Squad is a battle hardened corporation whose member base contains players with years of knowledge and firsthand experience.

✰ Benefits ✰

☜☆☞ The Fullest eve experience possible with a home in null-sec.
☜☆☞ PvP / Indy Oriented player base
☜☆☞ Capable Leadership
☜☆☞ PvP And tactical Industry
☜☆☞ NullSec SOV, Coalition
☜☆☞ Perfect ISK systems
☜☆☞ Freedom to grow and be creative
☜☆☞ Small / Large Scale Fleet Combat
☜☆☞ Small Gang Roams
☜☆☞ Indy & PVE Opportunities
☜☆☞ Teamspeak

Our screening process is extensive. If you have a hidden agenda you will have better luck elsewhere.

✰ Apply today if you: ✰

☜☆☞ Value teamwork, mutual respect and loyalty
☜☆☞ Are Self motivated and enjoy a challenge
☜☆☞ View PVE as an activity to support PVP
☜☆☞ Are looking for a community of mature and experienced eve pilots who like to have fun, and know how to kick ass when things get serious

Come talk to us in-game channel: PHA-Recruitment
Or send an in-game mail to: Dagny

Thank you - o7

I must say that this has been one of the most enjoyable Eve experience ever since I have joined this corp. We go together in roams, we help each other and the vibe in team speak is just cool as. I had access to content that i never thought off before. So yeah in a nut-shell this Corp Rules. Join us and you will soon see that is the best decision that you could have done. Fly safe.

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