Phantoms of Eve - highsec mission running in fleets

The aim is to run missions of all varieties in fleets. This increases standings, makes more ISK and our extra touch is proper fleet composition.

Mission running flees:

  • Clear missions faster
  • Shared rewards/No Sharing (either is supported)
  • Fleet compositions tailored to mission running
  • All types, Security, Distribution, Industry, Exploration
  • You don’t have to be close by to join a fleet, only to fly side by side, and flying apart still increases your standings

Newbie/Alpha friendly - No TAX - No PVP - Discord

Long-term goals:

  • SRP(ship replacement program)
  • Handouts(For Newbies and Alphas)

Recruitment channel is Phantoms recruitment.
If you have any questions feel free to message or mail DaedKR in game. Out of game via discord: Daed#4066

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