PI P3 schematic Issue

Factory planet changes P4 output so when you change P3 from Data Chips to Planetary Vehicles both use SuperTensil Plastics.

Adding the second P2 item makes it appear that its working however its flawed as the factory doesn’t recognise the P3 been delivered. You have to delete the route and add it back in again.

Ideally should either accept the existing route or show an error that its not receiving the necessary P3 item.

Actually seems to be just related to one account (two chars) I just looked at another account and it producing as it should.

Anyone else faced this?

back when i was doing PI quite heavily i ran into any number of weird bugs and strange goings on similar to what you describe.

usually i only had to rectify it once and things ticked along nicely.

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Seems to be the case and not very consistent my fault as I should have reviewed the status as it wasnt quite right

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