Pipebomb Pinata, small gang PvP & Indy from within Legacy


Pipebomb Pinata is looking for new members to join our chill, close knit community. We are a PVP focused corp living in Sov Null, with our main focus being small gang PVP, Indy / PVE for ISK making and content, along with larger fleets as part of Legacy coalition.

Our community is one that asks for very little, other than you try to participate, and integrate with us. We understand that real life comes first, and our attitude reflects that. Have a look at our killboard, and what we offer, and if you are intersted, come chat :slight_smile:

Zkillboard Link

What we offer:

☼ Active and experienced leadership

☼ New Pilot Friendly environment (5 mil SP Minimum)

☼ Regular fleets in all the sizes small gang to big strat-ops

☼ PvP/PvE training and advice (Sub-caps to Capitals)

☼ SOV Null-sec Ratting and Mining (active fleets all day every day)

Join ‘PBP Recruitment’ in game if you’re interested,or join our discord server

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