Pixel Knights - Small corp recruiting pilots for high sec PVE

Hey all,

I am developing a small high sec corp to explore some of the core components of the game and wanted to reach out to see if anyone was interested in joining us. Looking for pilots of all shapes and sizes, new and old to create a small community - further details below:

About Us

A private organisation based in Gallente space - with a focus on Mining Expeditions, Gallente Missions, Trading, Production and small scale PVP.

Pixel Knights is a smaller, mature, close knit corporation that invests in its members. The Corporation is currently exploring PVE content, looking to team up to do Mining Expeditions across various sectors, create trading routes, and run missions together.


  • Learn, experiment and explore: Theres a ton of things to do, dont be afraid to get stuck in and mess up

  • Play hard, but show a level respect for capsuleers: Eve can be a pretty rough place, lets bring more class and sportsmanship where we can

  • Enjoy your time spent here: Life is tough enough, lets have some fun, relax and not worry too much about RL

Reach out in game or here on the forums so we can arrange a chat, or join our public channel ‘Pixel Knights’


:new_moon: Bump :new_moon:

:moonwalkingparrot: still recruiting guys :moonwalkingparrot:


:moonwalkingparrot: still recruiting guys :moonwalkingparrot:

:new_moon: Bump :new_moon:


Hey :slight_smile: I’m fairly new, just finished all of the agent beginner missions with the exception of exploration which I’ll be doing tonight. I love mining and PvE and was looking for a smaller group, high sec is fine, I’m still too new to push my luck in null. Lol. Are y’all still recruiting?

Hey Victor, very much still recruiting and steadily growing. Reach out in game and lets have a chat :slight_smile:

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Ill send you an app soon :slight_smile:




Hi, Are you still recruiting, I am a mature player looking for a helpful corporation and you guys sound just like the sort of team I’m looking to join.

I started about 20 days ago and try to play a bit every day (subject to children, work etc) based in the Uk. My focus at present is on Security and Exploration Mission Agents in Gallente Space.

Would love to hear form you.


Growing strong - get in touch!

Still going strong, 15-20 of us active most days :slight_smile:


hit over 100 members :partying_face:


I feel like a noob with 80 M + skill points.

So any corporation activities in the Metropolis region not wanting to kick the can again until it’s semi permanent move…greener per past experience was paint or a sewer leak so taking it slow and asking questions before i spend multiple days moving again.?

Hopfully not to specific.